Can't decide? Buy all three models and receive one each finish for three slightly different tones.


The original MagSlide has a smokey grey "Black Chrome" finish with a polished finish that produces a warm, glass-like tone with minimum string noise on both acoustic or electric guitars.


The new MagSlide "Eclipse" features a black "DLC" (Diamond Like Carbon) finish plated over the black chrome to provide an ultra-hard, smooth coating which creates a warm, ceramic-like tone.


The MagSlide "Aurora" features a stunning multi-color "PVD" finish producing a warm glass-like a tone similar to the original "black chrome" finish.


MagSlide "PINKY" Trio Special

SKU: MS-1, ME-1, MA-1
  • If the MagSlide doesn't  become your favorite slide, just return it within 30 days for a full refund.