Made from the Lightest

Structural Metal on Earth!

Why Magnesium?

Unlike any material you have ever played, Magnesium is 5x lighter than brass and 33% lighter than glass, and produces a rich warm tone, with great sustain on both acoustic and electric guitars.

Available in Two Sizes with Three Great Finishes

The "Eclipse" features an ultra-hard, black carbon DLC finish that produces a slightly warmer, ceramic-like tone, while the original "Black Chrome" and the new multicolor PVD "Aurora" plating produce a slightly brighter tone. 

Take the MagSlide Challenge

If the MagSlide doesn't  become your favorite slide simply retun it within 30 days for a full refund!

 MagSlide Trio Special.

Can't decide? Order one of each and save.

Check out the new "Johnny Hiland" Signature Model.

Now Available, the New "Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown" Signature MagSlide.

For dealer Inquiries:

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910-233-0502 cell

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Magnesium is the lightest structural metal on earth and is 33% lighter than glass for ultimate playability.

Because the MagSlide is so lightweight it can be played on both acoustic and electric guitars with lighter guage strings with lower action. 


Guitar slides are traditionally made from steel, brass, glass or ceramic, each which have their own benefits.


Magnesium combines the best qualities of these traditional materials to give you the warmth of glass and the sustain of chromed steel.


MagSlide's "Comfort Grooves" provide more control and allows airflow between your finger and interior of the slide.

The inherent dampening characteristic of magnesium contributes to the MagSlide's warm tone and remarkable amount of sustain.

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